CIB & Fi & Ee Ch Ee VCh
Greenhill's Final Fantasy
Greenhill's Mademoiselle Ee JCh 
Greenhill's Union of Versace
Fi Ch Ee JCh HelJW-11
Greenhill's Call Me Sweetheart
FI & Ee & Lv Ch 
Greenhill's Call Me Darling
Sequins Soqed
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Greenhill's Scherzo Team
Greenhill's Schwarcz Non-Stop S Modell

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Greenhill's Kate Moss



Ee & Lv & Lt & Balt JCh
Greenhill's Hugo Boss

Greenhill's Spell Your World

Non-Stop Quo Vadis
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Fi&Ee&Lt Ch Ee&Lv&Lt&Balt JCh Se MSh Ch
 Greenhill's Call Princ of Honor
Greenhill's Tyson Beckford Greenhill's Irish Blues

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Non-Stop Stuart Saffron

Pepstep First Lady Fi & Ee Ch
Greenhill's Royal Kiss


Wiikar's Worthwhile Flavens Snow Show To Greenhill's Ee & Lv & Lt & Balt JCh LtJW-10
Siimline's X-pert to Greenhill's
Fi Ch Non-Stop Land Rover Irish Magic Happy Company